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Father Brian Harrison: Francis Tells Atheist Scalfari not to Convert

Francis Tells Atheist Scalfari not to Convert

The following is a brief commentary from well-known
theologian, Father Brian Harrison


Pope Francis just keeps going 'one better' (or rather, 'one worse')! We thought we'd touched bottom when we learned he tells non-Catholic 
theists not to convert. But now we learn that he has even told an atheist not to convert to faith in Christ - and indeed, to stay in his atheism! Why? Well, it seems the Pope told Scalfari he enjoys having an unbelieving friend to chat with - news which of course elicits smiles and laughter from the audience at the end of the video clip showing Eugenio Scalfari talking about this latest pontifical indiscretion. 

It seems, logically, that this Successor of St. Peter either has little or no zeal for the salvation of souls, or else thinks that his 90-year-old friend Scalfari's chances of salvation are just as good now, as an atheist, as they would be if he believed in Christ and had access to the fullness of the means of salvation, notably, the Catholic sacraments.

On the other hand, the Holy Father is most insistent that we old-fashioned traditional believers must 'convert' to his way of thinking. In a
homily the other day he yet again lambasted Catholics who "obstinately resist change", calling them "rebels", "scholars of the law" (like the Pharisees and scribes Jesus condemned), and even "idolaters" guilty of "divination"! All because of our "closed hearts" that resist the Holy Spirit and are not "open" to the "God of surprises"!  

In other words, he seems to think we "scholars of the law" within his own Church are the main demographic within the human family whose salvation really 
is in danger! (Oops - wait a minute. I now remember he also issued a similar warning to Sicilian Mafia thugs.) Not that Francis seems to think that we and the Mafia dons will actually go to Hell: his atheist friend Scalfari reported on the pages of La Repubblica just a year ago that the Pope told him "clearly and distinctly" in conversation that unrepentant evildoers are simply annihilated at death: they don't suffer, but cease to exist (a heresy shared by Jehovah's Witnesses, among others).

The widely read Roman blogger Antonio Socci implored the Pope publicly to 
deny that he had expressed to Scalfari this flagrant contradiction of the teaching of Christ. No hint of denial has come from the Vatican in the ensuing 12 months; but that dead silence is eloquent about the plight of the Church under the present pontiff.

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