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Francis' Perfidious Synod: Scandal as Worldwide Front Page News

Francis' Perfidious Synod: Scandal as Worldwide Front Page News


Quick note from John Vennari

As scandalous as is the latest development from the Synod, we should not be surprised.

CFN readers are aware that we predicted this type of aberration in our three articles leading up to the Synod. I invite you to re-read these articles, printed respectively in the August, September and October issues of Catholic Family News (linked below). The purpose of this reminder is not for the sake of "I told you so," but to demonstrate that the perversity of the Synod is enmeshed in the very fabric of this latest Councilor operation.

There is much more to say on the subject. In the meantime, please use the link below to learn how to write to the U.S. Nuncio to voice your outrage at the Synod report, which "suggests emphasizing ‘positive’ aspects of cohabitation, homosexuality."

As for the above newspapers, I picked up all three at my corner store. The scandal pervades everywhere. Our Lord told Peter to strengthen the brethren, not to scandalize the little ones. Stay tuned for more commentary as the Synod continues.

Radical Synod Planned for October
Working Document Reveals Revolutionary Aims
(August 2014)

Dangerous Synod Proposal:
New Language” for Natural Law
(September, 2014)

Alien Doctrine
The Synod and Continuous Aggiornamento
(October 2014)

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URGENT! WRITE TO U.S. NUNCIO –Synod poised to surrender Catholic morals! click here
Vatican Synod mid-term report suggests emphasizing ‘positive’ aspects of cohabitation, homosexuality
(October 13, 2014)


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