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Jail time for parents keeping kids from Common Core?

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Jail time for parents keeping kids from Common Core?
Michael F. Haverluck   ( Saturday, May 02, 2015

The state is threatening parents with “criminal accountability” and jail time if they continue to be part of a nationwide movement keeping their children from taking the highly contended mandatory Common Core tests.

The federally imposed Common Core that is implemented by all but a small handful of states has been criticized by parents and educators alike as being a dumbed-down curricula that indoctrinates students with politically correct material laden with moral relativism.

Take it … or else

South Carolina Education Department Chief Operating Officer Elizabeth Carpentier issued a warning to parents that they could be locked up behind bars for 30 days if their children missed even one day of testing, according to South Carolina Parents Involved in Education member Tamra Hood as stated by Breitbart News.

Carpentier didn’t stop there, reportedly threatening any groups or organizations involved in encouraging parents to object to Common Core testing with charges of aiding and abetting a crime.

School officials made it loud and clear that students and parents have no say in the matter and must abide by the state’s dictates whether they like it or not.

“[There is] no statutory provision for parents to opt their children out of testing,” reads a memo issued by South Carolina Education Superintendent Molly Spearman to districts across the state.

However, not all education officials are corroborating reports.

“Dino Teppara of the state agency’s public information office denied any threats were made and also denied that Carpentier said parents can be held criminally liable if they remove their children from school on testing days, insisting she ‘simply noted the truancy provisions in state statutes,’”
WND reports.

Calling in the reinforcements

Despite the denial, other reports cite United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan cautioning that the federal government will “have an obligation to step in” if individual states fail to keep parents from opting out of Common Core-aligned testing. He communicated this to the media Tuesday at the Education Writes Association’s 68th National Seminar’s Edu-Press Conference.

Duncan has no intention of letting districts, schools, students and parents get away with evading the Common Core.

“When a reporter asked what he thought about the backlash against Common Core and the willingness of parents to opt their children out of these high-stakes tests aligned with the Common Core, Duncan said he expects states to hold ‘districts’ and schools’ feet to the fire on this,’”
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) reports. “While Duncan did not clarify what he meant by ‘stepping in,’ the federal government is unlikely to stand idly by as the test consortia it funded falls apart.”

Duncan’s past reasoning for insisting that all students take the Common Core testing was based on his argument that that racial minorities, English language learners and special education students would be “swept under the rug” because no-shows would mean less funding.

“Folks in the civil rights community, folks in the disability community, they want their kids being assessed,” Duncan said, according to
National Review Online. “They want to know if they are making progress or growth.”

Duncan was also noted cynically stereotyping those who don’t ascribe to the Common Core.

“[Those opposing the Common Core are] white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — [realize] their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were,” Duncan quipped back in 2013.

HSLDA Legislative Assistant Lauren Mitchell says the federal government is getting nervous over the backlash generated from its unprecedented intervention into public education.

“Duncan’s statements reflect a growing pressure on education bureaucrats to keep states locked into the Common Core,” Mitchell explained. “Students nationwide are still opting out of voluntary benchmark assessments, which are meant to prepare them for all-day Common Core tests.”

Common contention with the Core

Even though 46 states have adopted the Common Core —Texas, Virginia, Nebraska and Alaska never adopted it, while Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina withdrew — opposition to the federally imposed standards continues to sweep across the nation.

“In Arkansas, a mother confronted the Arkansas State Board of Education about the program’s absurdly high demands,a high-school honors student in New Jersey blasted the testing publicly and an award-winning teacher in Ohio told a stunned audience she’s quitting because of Common Core,” WND’s Robert Unruh pointed out.

The nation’s fourth most populous state, New York, is having problems implementing the Common Core, as well. With HSLDA reporting that nearly 200,000 of the Empire State’s 1.1 million eligible students refused to take Common Core English exams last month, more education experts are addressing the standards’ shortcomings.

Renowned author, education historian and educational policy analyst Diane Silvers Ravitch, who serves as a research professor at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University, is skeptical wither any students will actually take the state’s federally aligned English tests.

“What if they threw a test and nobody took it?” Ravitch asked according to the Long Island Press. “New York is about to find out.”

Money cut at the Core?

More and more disgruntled parents and educators from coast to coast are contending that the Common Core lacks common sense — and the numbers prove it.

“[T]he numbers of Common Core student test-takers continue to diminish,” HSLDA’s Mitchell asserts. “So with unprecedented numbers of parents keeping their children at home on test day, the federal government will be tempted to ‘step in’ more than ever.”

By using the same monetary tactics that it used to get 46 states on board with the Common Core to begin with, the federal government is expected to utilize even more taxpayer funds to support what many consider a failed experiment.

“HSLDA is concerned that federal officials will again resort to financial incentives — or threaten to withhold funding — to coerce students into participating in these tests,” Mitchell expressed. “As demonstrated empirically by 2009’s ‘Race to the Top’ grants, state governments have a track record of prioritizing federal funds over their own sovereignty.”

Mitchell says that the allurement of additional government funds will most likely once again compel states to put the dollar above the educational and developmental needs of America’s students.

“Lured by the promise of funding, many cash-strapped states could not or would not resist the offer of billions of dollars in exchange for what seemed, at the time, a small sacrifice: adhering to a set of K–12 learning standards,” Mitchell contends. “But far from being just another set of standards, Common Core revolutionized education in America — and not for the better. Concerns over data collection, high stakes testing and a lack of transparency have provoked a groundswell of resistance among parents and educators.”

But HSLDA believes that if Americans continue to adhere to and fight for the foundational principles of the nation, they will eventually overcome the uninvited imposition of the federally funded Common Core.

“As grassroots movements and parental opposition continues to dismantle Common Core piece by piece, concerned citizens should remain vigilant and take Duncan’s threats seriously,” HSLDA exhorts. “Whenever the government threatens to ‘step in,’ the right of parents to be involved in their children’s education is bound to suffer.”

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