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From JV: On my way to Rome

Thursday, March 7:

Today I leave for Rome to cover the Conclave for CFN.

Time will tell if the Cardinals elect a Pius XIII, a John Paul III, or someone in between (though it appears a Pius XIII is highly unlikely).

On the one hand, we will have a new pope who was not an architect of Vatican II, so he is not likely to have the same visceral attachment to the Council as did Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

On the other, we will have a Pope who was formed according to the new program. Angelo Cardinal Scola, the man I think most likely to be elected, was ordained in 1970, was part of the Ratzinger/de Lubac
Communio (New Theology) group, and is a devoted fan of Von Balthasar and the Theology of the Body.

(By the way, the Schola comment is not a prediction, only an educated guess. Vatican journalist Marc Politti says that anyone who tells you he knows the identity of the next pope does not know what he's talking about. There is no clear front runner).

I will report from Rome on a regular basis; hope to supply photos, audio and video commentary as well.

Please stay tuned to our daily CFN Papal blog.

If you know someone in Rome you think I should contact, please feel free to send me an email.

Would appreciate your prayers and would be happy to hear from you, though I regret I cannot guarantee a response.


John Vennari

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