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Leo XIII Predicts Obama's America

The Thomist Pope Leo XIII, tracing flawed principles to their logical conclusions, effectively predicted Obama’s America (and the condition of almost all of today’s nation states)

“…A [rationalist] doctrine of such character is most hurtful to both individuals and to the State. For once ascribe to human reason the only authority to decide what is true and what is good, and the real distinction between the good and evil is destroyed; honor and dishonor differ not in their nature, but in opinion and judgment of each individual; pleasure is the measure of what is lawful; and, given a code of morality which can have little or no power to restrain or quiet the unruly propensities of man, a way is naturally open for universal corruption.

“With reference to public affairs: authority is severed from the true and natural principle whence it derives all it efficacy for the common good; and the law determining what is right to do and void doing is at the mercy of the majority.

“Now this is simply a road leading to tyranny. The empire of God over man and civil society, once repudiated, it follows that religion, as a public institution, can have no claim to exist, and that everything that belongs to religion will be treated with complete indifference.

“ Furthermore, with ambitious designs on sovereignty, tumult and sedition will be common amongst the people; and when duty and conscience cease to appeal to them, there will be nothing to hold them back but force, which of itself alone is powerless to keep the covetousness in check.”

- Libertas Humana (on Human Liberty), Pope Leo XIII, June 20, 1888

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