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Don’t Miss Fatima Conference in Chicago - Nov. 14-16, 2014

Don’t Miss Upcoming
Fatima Conference in Chicago

Weekend of November 14-16, 2014

You are invited to the Fatima Center’s “Our Lady’s Army of Advocates” Conference to be held in Chicago, the weekend of November 14-16.

These conferences serve to strengthen you in the Faith, help you defend and propagate the Fatima message to those within your sphere of influence, and supply a wonderful camaraderie of like-minded Catholics.

Listed here are the popular speakers who will address this conference, as well as the topics in the order of presentation:

• Father Nicholas Gruner: “Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul”.
John Vennari: “The Synod, Diabolic Disorientation and Errors Against the Faith”.
Brian McCall: “How Not to Fight on the Enemy’s Terms”.
Cornelia Ferreira: “The Five First Saturdays and Jacinta & Francisco”.
John Salza: “Scriptural Defense of Purgatory”.
Louie Verrecchio: “The Virgin of Guadalupe: Calling all Messenger Eagles”.
Father Gruner: “Ungrateful Sons: How Long will Our Lady be Ignored”.

The conference also offers workshops on important topics such as:

• “Know Your Weapons” (on Fatima literature and materials)
• “How to talk to Priests about Fatima”
• “Social Media”
• “How to Make Rosaries”
• “Tips on Teaching Catechism”

Mark your calendar now. Contact Fatima Center to register. Come and meet Father Gruner and the other speakers.

We hope to see you at the Fatima Conference in Chicago where we will be fortified by the Message of Our Lady, the Holy Rosary, the Tridentine Mass, and mutual support from serious Catholics.

Click here for full conference schedule and details:

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