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Verrecchio: Persecution hits home

Urgent: Persecution hits home

by Louie Verrecchio

Dear readers and friends…

More than five years ago, I left corporate America behind and dedicated myself fulltime to writing and speaking on the Catholic faith.

In many ways it has been a struggle to be sure, but God has always opened doors as needed, in His time, even as I went from a “conservative” Catholic writer with endorsements from Cardinals and Bishops, welcome in dioceses around the country, to a “traditionalist” pariah who creates consternation in chanceries just by being named a speaker at a local conference.

Over the last several years, I’ve been in a very unique position… I’ve been able to earn a modest income freelancing for a firm creating fundraising and communications content for Catholic apostolates and other non-profits, even as I was able to dedicate considerable time and effort building (along with each of you) the Harvesting the Fruit blog.

That’s over now, in part, thanks to our efforts here in defense of the Catholic faith.

It’s not possible, without doing harm to those who stand with us, to provide all of the ugly details (so please, don’t even attempt any guesses), just know that there are bishops in the Church today who are willing to take concrete steps to prevent people like me from earning a living, simply because of the way I stand up for tradition. Nice, eh?

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