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Update: CFN Conference on the Apocalypse: Tenth Speaker Announced

Update: CFN Conference on the Apocalypse
10th Speaker Announced • Sign Up Now!
Conference Location:
Hyatt Regency Hotel
1750 Lake Cook Road • Deerfield IL 60015
Hotel#: (847) 945-3400

By John Vennari

Addendum: Father Matthew OSB from Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery will speak in our dear Father Gruner's Sunday night slot. Please stay tuned for more conference updates, and please keep Father Nicholas Gruner in your prayers - jv

We are pleased to announce the 10th Speaker for our upcoming Catholic Family News Conference.

We hope you can attend, and ask you to please contact us as soon as possible to register (deadline is Tuesday May 26 at noon to reserve your place at the conference)

Our conference is headlined:
Children of the Latter Days: The Catholic Church and the Apocalypse.

As you know from last month, our weekend will be dedicated to an authentic Catholic treatment of the Apocalypse, and related topics such as Apostasy, Antichrist and Christ’s Final Victory.

The conference dates are May 29, 30, 31, and will be held in Deerfield, IL, near Chicago (
click here for more details)

Father Daniel Couture, SSPX, District Superior of Canada, is our 10th conference speaker.

Father Couture titled his talk: “A Revelation of Heaven.”

Here is a précis of what his talk will cover:

From the very first words of the Vulgate “Apocalypse” until the ultimate “Amen,” the last book of the Bible acts as an inspired “principle and foundation” that should guide us on the sea of this agitated world. Everything in the Apocalypse relates to Heaven: the Revelation itself, the Temple, the Throne of the Lamb, the Holy City, the Twenty Four Elders, angels and demons, multiple battles and scourges, infinite rewards, the innumerable crowd of the elect, the beatific vision. The Apocalypse starts and ends with “Blessed is he that readeth and heareth the words of prophecy and keepeth those things that are written in it” (1:3 and 22:14). May we keep these words so as to merit to have our name “written in the book of life” (21:27).

Ordained in 1984 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Father Couture had been District Superior of the SSPX in Asia for eighteen years. He is now District Superior of Canada.

Father Couture’s theme harmonizes with the other nine speakers’ topics for the weekend. In a time when televangelist Protestants effectively claim the Apocalypse as their own, and produce countless misleading interpretations that distort and trivialize Divine Revelation, it is necessary for concerned Catholics to present a genuine Catholic treatment of this final book of Sacred Scripture.

A Book of Consolation

We noted last month that the Apocalypse is primarily a book of consolation. More than one reader responded that there are some terrifying prophecies in the Apocalypse, so how can this be a book that consoles?

The great Catholic writers of the past would answer that the Apocalypse consoles us is this way: it tells us that the Church will often have various trials and persecutions to endure. The prophecies of the Apocalypse are a call for Catholics to remain steadfast during the time of Antichrist, or during the time of ‘mini-Antichrists’ who are precursors of the man of sin throughout history (this will be explained in greater detail at the conference).

Most important: the Apocalypse reveals the outcome of all the attacks against the Church, as well as the final victory of Christ. The Apocalypse urges us, no matter what presses us down, not to drift into the maelstrom of sin (14:9); to remain unsullied (16:15), and to hold out even unto death against persecution (13:10, 14:13).

This call for fidelity is a call to Catholics not only during the period of Antichrist, but for the ages, and thus the Apocalypse is a book for all time.

Finally, as Father Couture will spotlight, everything in the Apocalypse relates to Heaven, and works to lead us on to Heaven, and to engage us in the noble struggle for the ultimate victory of Christ.

As you see in the schedule and in the advertisement, other speakers will deal with related issues such as Antichrist, Freemasonry and Apostasy, today’s neo-pagan cultural devastation, the truth about the Sacrament of Marriage, prophecies concerning the present crisis in the Church from both La Salette and Fatima, the False Prophet and Modernism, the “religion of the Latter Days,” the final triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and much more.

Sign Up Now

This is our first conference in two years, and truth to tell, we almost could not organize an event this time around due to unusual circumstances (I will not tax you with details). We were not able to confirm the conference dates until the end of February.

Thus to assure we have the requisite number of conference attendees, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible if you plan to attend. This will make both the planning much more manageable, both for you and for us.

Catholic Family News conferences have a great deal to offer: a unique theme that educates and inspires; daily Latin Tridentine Mass and traditional devotions; magnificent camaraderie with like-minded Catholics; the opportunity to meet and network with Catholics within all forms of Catholic dedication: including members of prayer groups, pro-life Catholics, home-schoolers, mothers and fathers, Catholic singles, and those fighting for restoration of the Traditional Mass and the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ.

You’ll Be Glad You Did

The event serves to charge your Catholic batteries. As one CFN conference attendee said, “This is the best Catholic experience I’ve had since my Ignatian Retreat.”

As we have done at the past two conferences, Saturday night will include live music. My family will play an after-dinner set, joined by the magnificent voice of Dr. Andrew Childs, and perhaps another musician or two.

The conference is held in Deerfield, the Chicago area. Its central U.S. location makes it possible for people from all over the country to participate. A number of us attended a conference at this Deerfield hotel in the recent past, and found it to be one of the finest and most professionally run hotels available.

Once again, in dealing with the Apocalypse, we rely on Church teaching and the Fathers, thoroughly Catholic sources, without the hysteria, the drama, the reckless predictions. There will be no Alex Jones or Jack Van Emp approach, but rather a sober Catholic treatment. It is a weekend you will not want to miss.

Mark your calendar. Sign up now. You’ll be glad you did. We hope to see you this May in Deerfield.

Click here to see full conference report, all speakers' topics, and sign-up info

IMPORTANT - slight schedule change:
Brian McCall and Dr. Peter Chojnowski will switch speaking times. Dr. McCall will speak on Saturday morning, and Dr. Chojnowski will speak on Sunday morning.



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