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Rolling Stone on Pope Francis

Here is the writeup in Rolling Stone. The piece is what you would expect, cheers for Francis’ apparent progressivism and sneers for traditional Catholic Faith, morals and discipline. Also, there’s a kind of gloating that the progressives are now on the ‘winning side’ and the conservatives are losers who no longer have any clout. Of course, even Papa Ratzinger is considered too much of wicked conservative for Rolling Stone. Article runs about 7800 words. - jv


Pope Francis: The Times They Are A-Changin'
Inside the Pope's gentle revolution

JANUARY 28, 2014

Nearly every Wednesday in Rome, the faithful and the curious gather in St. Peter's Square for a general audience with the pope. Since the election of the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio last March, attendance at papal events has tripled to 6.6 million. On a recent chilly morning in December, the thousands of amassed pilgrims appear to gleam in the sunlight, covering the square like a pixelated carpet. Maybe it's all the smartphones raised to the heavens.

Beyond Pope Francis: 10 conservatives who have gone liberal

Up close, Pope Francis, the 266th vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth, a man whose obvious humility, empathy and, above all, devotion to the economically disenfranchised has come to feel perfectly suited to our times, looks stouter than on television. Having famously dispensed with the more flamboyant pontifical accessories, he's also surprisingly stylish, today wearing a double-breasted white overcoat, white scarf and slightly creamier cassock, all impeccably tailored....

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