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Papal Silence: Most Decisive Factor Same-Sex "Marriage" Victory in Ireland


Papal Silence: The Most Decisive Factor
in Ireland's Same-Sex "Marriage" Victory

by Robert Mauro

The most decisive factor in Ireland's support for "gay marriage'" was the failure of Pope Francis to publicly oppose " gay marriage " prior to the vote. The Pope speaks almost every day on trivial subjects such as his not watching television but when the date the of Irish referendum was first set, and up to the actual days before the election he should have publicly opposed "gay marriage" in Ireland.

The recent post-election comments of Vatican Secretary of State that the Pope was " saddened" by the Irish vote mean nothing. The Pope could have prevented the passage of the Irish Referendum by speaking out early and often against " gay marriage. "

The Pope's verbal opposition to "gay marriage" was needed to overcome the financial support for "gay marriage " in Ireland by companies such Google and Twitter and others and the support of " gay marriage" by all of the major political parties in Ireland. His verbal opposition was needed to strengthen the Irish Catholic clergy – Bishops and priests – to strongly speak out against "gay marriage." Nearly half of the Irish Association of Catholic priests reportedly favored " gay marriage." Various priests and Bishops said the people should be guided by their "consciences ."

It is said that several other nations in Europe which have not so far adopted "gay marriage" may be encouraged by the Irish vote and may try to adopt "gay marriage." If such attempts are made and the Pope does not immediately and frequently oppose their actions to legalize " gay marriage, " in these nations, Catholics must respectfully urge the Pope to resign his office.

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