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Let us lift high the Cross - Lepanto Foundation on Paris Massacre

Lepanto Foundation Response:


Let us lift high the Cross
A communication from the Lepanto Foundation after January 7’s massacre in Paris

“Charlie Hebdo” is a newspaper in which, from its foundation, satire has been placed at the service of an anarchical and libertarian philosophy of life. It can be considered an extreme but consistent expression of relativism in the contemporary West. “Charlie Hebdo” is famous for its cartoons of Mohammed published beginning in 2006, but the filthy blasphemous cartoons published in 2012 for demanding homosexual unions, are forgotten.

The group of terrorists which, on January 7, 2015, killed the editing staff of “Charlie Hebdo” is in turn an extreme but consistent expression, of the Islamic world, and manifested in its homicidal fury, the hatred which all of Islam nurtures in the West’s regard.

How can you not see in this episode the foreshadowing of the destiny which awaits the West, incapable of countering Islam with its own spiritual and moral resources, and deluded about the possibility that the ceding to relativism thought and the outstretched hand policy towards Islam can ward of the dangers which loom on the horizon?

On December 4, 2012, the Lepanto Foundation, the Family Tomorrow Association and other qualified representatives of groups and sites which operate in the Catholic world consigned to Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican Press Office, 3, 905 signatures requesting the Holy See to raise a vibrant protest and to make the necessary passes towards the French government so that episodes of this kind would never happen. In the appeal it was written:

“Can one still keep silent? Obscenity and blasphemy are mixed in the sordid provocation of a French newspaper, author of a cartoon in which to demand homosexual unions, extreme violation of the natural law, insults in such an unacceptable way the Most Holy Trinity, central Mystery of the Christian Faith.

"No, it is not possible to keep silent: it is necessary that the Holy See publicly express its indignation, as many simple Catholics in France and Europe are doing. And because you are the spokesman of the Holy See, it is to you that we turn, so that you will be our spokesman to the highest ecclesiastical authorities, to whom we ask, to raise a vibrant protest and to make the necessary passes to the French government so that such an embarrassment will never again be repeated. That the voice of men be raised before the hand of God, Who cannot be mocked with impunity. (Galatians 6:7)!”

Today our sorrow can not only be for the victims of the massacres, in Paris and in the whole world, but above all for the public and systematic transgression of the natural and divine laws and for the silence of those, who faced with this transgression and these massacres would have the duty of raising his voice. Let us imitate Our Lord who cried over Jerusalem, foreseeing its destruction for its sins, and let us lift high His Cross which is hated and vilified by Islam and by contemporary relativism, but which remains the infallible sign of the battle and of the victory for every Christian.

Lepanto Foundation
January 7, 2015

(translated for CFN)
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