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I never use the term Pope Emeritus"

I never use the term "Pope Emeritus" and never will. I truly mean no disrespect, but I find the entire concept ludicrous. Pope Saint Celestine simply returned to the dress of the humble hermit he was before he was elected. In my mind I call him Cardinal Ratzinger. In print I call him “former Pope Benedict". How can we be bound to use the novel "Emeritus" term? There is no guarantee the Holy Ghost guides the prudential decisions of the cadre of revolutionaries who presently run the operation.

Apologies, but the March 23 meeting of the “two popes” launches my little tirade. It is one of the most disturbing photos I’ve ever seen. “Two popes?” No such thing. Yet again we see a post-Conciliar mutilation of the image of Holy Church itself. Oremus.

- j venneri

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