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Pope’s niece says her uncle will update "stagnate" and "outdated" Church

Out of the mouths of babes…

Pope’s niece says her uncle will update "stagnate" and "outdated" Church

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June 19: The Local 10 TV station in Miami broadcast a report about Christina Bergoglio, niece of Pope Francis.

Miss Bergoglio has gained attention by her new art exhibit in Miami at the Conrad hotel in Brickell.

The TV report noted the artistic merits of Miss Bergoglio’s work, and held a brief interview with her, in which she said she is not religious, but spiritual and she doesn't subscribe to any one religion.

She also sees her Uncle Jorge as the man who will further ‘update’ the Church.

"I'm not afraid to say I see the Church as outdated, and that's why I believe life has put my uncle to renew this certain system of thought that was getting stagnated," Miss Bergoglio said.

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