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Further Synod Manipulation

Further Synod Manipulation

CFN received this note from a friend who is a conservative theologian:

It might perhaps be worth a mention that the Vatican communications machine is still doing its best to manipulate the results of the Synod.

As can be seen from the link below to the relevant page on the Vatican website, all the preliminary and more liberal documents of the Synod are up there in multiple languages, while the only one that matters
de jure - the final and official relatio which did not even propose - much less approve - Communion for divorced-and remarried or "welcome" for homosexuals and their "gifts", is posted only in Italian.

de facto, far more publicity is still being given by the Vatican itself to the intermediate relatio of October 13 which was roundly denounced by the firmly orthodox Fathers than to the much sounder relatio finalis which replaced it on October 18.

The Psychotic Synod: "A Grave Malady of Intellect"

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