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Former Board Member Robert Drumm Defends Fisher More and Michael King

Former Board Member Robert Drumm
Defends Fisher More and Michael King

From Robert J. Drumm

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Dear Cordelia,

I received your email a few days ago; sorry I couldn’t respond right away. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, so you didn’t know that I stepped down from the Board of Visitors of Fisher More College. In January, I resigned because my personal circumstances made it impossible to devote meaningful financial support and impossible to devote adequate time to the College at a critical point in its life. I still believe in the mission of the College and admire the sacrifices the Kings and others have made for the apostolate, and (unlike just about everyone else, it seems) walked away on good terms. While I didn’t have much hope for the College's future when I stepped down—there were too many practical obstacles to overcome in my view—I didn’t anticipate this particular storm.

Who would have thought that a pastoral Bishop appointed by humble Pope Francis would do something so brash and…let’s just say it: so stupid…in the very first month of his reign? I don’t even think the worst Mahony-ite modernist like Bishop Tod Brown would have tried such a thing. But Bishop Olson did....


...I’ll just close by pointing out again that this is really about the old Mass and the life that flows from it. The diocese took no interest in the College until the Fort Worth Star Telegram feature ran and made it clear that the institution’s liturgical life is centered around the old Mass. The old Mass has been the primary topic of its conversation with the diocese since then. Whatever the other problems at the College, and whatever falsehoods and exaggerations they’re hearing from Dr. Marshall, the actions of Msgr. Berg and Bishop Olson (and presumably others above them in the hierarchy) leave no doubt that they are trying to crush the old Mass, and disperse a group of people who are living the traditional faith.

If the Bishop was just concerned about the speakers, he could have set parameters for future speakers. If the Bishop was seriously concerned about the stability of the College, he would have ordered removal of the Blessed Sacrament and complete closure of the chapel, and forbidden the College from calling itself “Catholic.” He didn’t. What he did was attack the Mass and those of his flock attached to it. In doing so he showed himself to be both a fool and a tyrant. He’s acting illegally and unjustly, and he and everyone who is whispering in his ears or carrying out his instructions in order to deprive the College of this matter are doing the Devil’s work.

Let’s hope they come to realize it before they get the Devil’s reward for it, because although I openly admit my anger and revulsion at him (and for that matter, at Daddy, Taylor Marshall, and all our enemies), and I want to see justice done, of course I will him (and them) happiness in this life and the next.

I told Michael several times through the years that if nothing else, his effort would be a cautionary tale to others. And so it is. Despite his mistakes, he and his wonderful wife and children should be commended for the complete sacrifice they made of their time, their material comforts, their privacy, and their reputations, as should several other families whose names I won't bring into this discussion. And they will be rewarded. Perhaps Dr. Marshall has already been rewarded for his efforts by the effusion of Facebook love from his fans, and perhaps Bishop Olson will be rewarded with a pallium from his friends in the hierarchy in a few years, but the Kings' reward will likely have a more lasting value.


Robert J. Drumm

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