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Socialists Want to Block Establishment of "Fundamentalist" SSPX Capuchins

Socialists Want to Block Establishment of "Fundamentalist" SSPX Capuchins

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Edit: as Tiberge at Galliawatch notes, it's as if the Devil has commanded his minions to take action against a small settlement of good natured Capuchins who want to take over an abandoned Capuchin friary with the blessing of the local mayor.  Not even the mostly harmless local Ordinary doesn't seem to mind.  He'd prefer to avoid conflict. 

What is interesting is the similarity between the tactics, objections and what motivates the Socialists and those within the Catholic Church who use such strident language to attack the Society.

The councilor, Noëlle Aznar-Molliex explains herself at the Osons-Albertville website:  

"During the City Council meeting of July 6, mayor Martine Berthet had intended to put to a vote the turning over of the Clos des Capucins, a city property situated on mount Adolphe Hugues, at the entrance of the medieval village of Conflans, to the association of the Convent of Saint-François de Morgon, that hopes to renovate the site and install there a community.  

"Osons-Albertville strongly opposes this plan. The truth is that the community of Capuchin monks of the Morgon convent, said to be 'of traditional observance', is part of the line of thought of traditionalist and fundamentalist churches, that of the SSPX, and is not recognized by the church of Rome, because it has been in a state of schism since the Second Vatican Council. These communities reject ecumenism and all initiatives favoring inter-religious dialogue."

CFN comment: It is pitiful that the falsehood of "SSPX in schism" endures, and even somewhat amusing that a socialist would use it against the Society. It safe to bet that what the socialist actually oppose is the SSPX's rejection of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue. Such so-called "fundamentalism" points to the belief, loathed by moderns, that the Catholic Church alone possesses the full truth. I believe it was Voltaire who snarled, "Whoever says 'no salvation outside the Catholic Church' should be driven from the State." As for the charge of SSPX/schism, I answered this briefly in a video produced earlier this year on February 15: - jv

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