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Parsian Police Beat FSSPX Priests: Catholic priests pummeled by the Regime!

Parisian Police Beat Priests: Catholic priests pummeled by the Regime!
Pro-True Marriage Demonstration - against so-called "same-sex" marriage

Edit: We found this video at a Peruvian Traditionalist El Sacristan Serrano, he goes on to describe this story with the title, “More than words”. It’s already got almost 10,000 hits on it. The SSPX brother and a priest were present at the demonstration Manif Pour Tous [France] on April 19th, and were very roundly beaten, knocked to the ground and kicked.

April 23 update from Catholic Conclave website. One comment noted, "Not a priest, actually, but a brother of the SSPX who had simply intervened to ask the riot police to release a minor protester they were detaining. The French press reported this morning that the brother would be prosecuted for alleged 'rebellion'."

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