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Benedict Blames Media for "Misinterpretation" of Vatican II

Forgive me, Holy Father, but it was a Commission of the Holy See under the careful eye of Paul VI which composed a new Mass rejected by two-thirds of the bishops when first shown to them that gave us the New Mass.  It was not written by CNN.  As to the deplorable translations, all of which were authorized by the Council document and the Holy See, the destruction of the liturgy transcends these false translations.  Recall that the Ottavianni Intervention concluded that the new rite departed from the solemn definition of the Mass according to Trent before a single translation was used.  According to Bishop Fellay’s report the Society’s theological objections to the New Mass are not primarily rooted in the mistranslations of the Latin text but in the Latin text itself. 

No, it was not the media but Paul VI, Archbishop Bugnini, the various bishops conferences, the Congregation for Divine Worship
and the document which enabled them all, the Constitution on the Liturgy...

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