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CFN Video Response to Michael Voris

CFN response to Michael Voris'
recent assault on Traditional Catholic Media
that he labels "reactionary" Catholics. - J Vennari
Contains a brief defense of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
This is part I: Part II is now uploaded - see below

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CFN Response to Voris Part 2:
'Reactionaries' and Blunder
Here is part II of my response to Voris. Hope you find it helpful. I want to be finished
with Voris here. As CFN readers know, I never mention him. But as I've said elsewhere,
we did not attack him, he assaulted us and we have no choice but to respond. I wish
Mr. Voris would keep his cannons pointed at the real enemy. - jv

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Feb. 15, 2015
A Quick Notes about the Videos Above:

Last week, Michael Voris posted a segment of his "Mic'd Up" program in which he assaulted traditional Catholic media, specifically targeting The Angelus Press (SSPX), The Remnant and Catholic Family News.

He called us the "Reactionary Media" that is leading souls "out from the Church;" and claims the Society of St. Pius X is in schism.

As I've noted elsewhere, we do not attack him, but he now attacks us, and we have no choice but to answer with the two videos posted above.

The first is a quick defense of Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX, including a helpful anecdote from Bishop Fellay;

The second deals with the fact that Mr. Voris, by imitating the secular media too closely, now stumbles into the same pitfalls, including his spouting of a clumsy falsehood.

As you know, CFN does not attack fellow traditional Catholics, and we hardly mention "conservative" Catholics. We keep our cannons pointed at the real enemy, which is the neo-modernist mindset now entrenched in the highest echelons in the Church.

This is why I make these responses somewhat reluctantly, but the objections need to be answered.

So far, I'm happy to say, the videos have been well received.

Hope you find the videos helpful. They're short.

Prayers and best wishes,

John Vennari

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