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Fraternity of St. Peter Priest Murdered in Phoenix

Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, ordained 2012

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST - FSSP Priests attacked in Phoenix, Arizona, 1 murdered, 1 critically wounded - Fr. Walker, rest in peace

The Mater Misericordiae Mission, the Latin Mass community of the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, run by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), was the scene of a terrible tragedy on Wednesday night, following the breaking and entering of their church by armed burglars.

Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, Assistant Pastor, was murdered. Requiescat in pace. Please, pray also for the consolation of his family. Father Walker was 29.

Father Joseph Terra, FSSP, Pastor, was severely wounded by the criminals, and is (at least to our knowledge as of this moment) hospitalized in critical condition. Please, pray for his health and his complete recovery, through the mercy of God Almighty.

Finally, let us also pray for their parishioners and all who are affected for this ordeal.

Let us pray for the law enforcement officers, may they accomplish justice according to God's will, with the help of Our Lady, Mirror of Justice.

Let us pray for the criminals, may they find conversion and salvation on this earth and avoid eternal damnation.

[Tip: Parishioner. The respective families had already been duly informed at the moment of posting.]





ordination, on May 19, 2012 - he is the first on the right.

Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, at the moment of his

Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP was born in Upstate New York near Poughkeepsie, the middle of 11 children (6 boys and 5 girls). His family moved frequently when he was young. 

While his father was working construction in Wilmington, N.C, the family decided to build, with their own hands, a log cabin on some land they  owned in nearby Tennessee. Their intention was to sell the home, but they changed their minds and moved in.


to his ordaining bishop, Bishop Bruskewitz

Father Walker gives his first blessing 

While living there, they visited a used bookstore and found a book called
The Incredible Catholic Mass. It described the Tridentine Mass, which they had never seen nor heard. The book was considered worthless and the storeowner gave it to them for free.

The family was intrigued. The more they learned about the Traditional Mass, the more they wanted it in their daily lives. On his own initiative, Fr. Walker began learning Latin. The family decided to sell their log cabin and move to rural Pennsylvania near Scranton where the Traditional Mass was offered. Fr. Walker eventually became an altar server at the FSSP Apostolate, and after attending Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom Academy in Ontario, entered the seminary.

He was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in 2012.

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