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Will Pope Francis Publicly Oppose "Gay Marriage" in Ireland? - A Vatican Phone #

May 20, 2015
Will Pope Francis Publicly Oppose
"Gay Marriage" in Ireland?

A Vatican Phone Number to Call

By Robert L. Mauro

(CFNEWS.ORG) Pope Francis has publicly opposed " Climate Change" and is preparing an Encyclical on the subject. As to the issue of homosexuality, he has publicly asked " Who I am to Judge?" Will he now publicly oppose " gay marriage" in Ireland prior to a public vote at the polls on changing Ireland's Constitution to allow " gay marriage "which will take place this Friday?

According to a lengthy article in the pro-homosexual
New York Times two days before the Friday vote, all of Ireland's major political parties support a vote by the public to change Ireland's Constitution to allow "gay marriage." Various politicians who are pro-homosexual or openly homosexual have urged the public to vote to change Ireland's Constitution to allow same-sex "marriage."

New York Times states in effect that the Catholic Church in Ireland had been silent on the public referendum to change Ireland's Constitution until about two weeks ago, when it had Pastoral Letters distributed stating that the family and children would adversely be affected if the Constitution was changed to allow same-sex marriage and that this should be kept in mind before a vote is cast.

Some have criticized the Irish Bishops pastoral letters as too weak. Most of the lobbying against changing the Irish Constitution, prior to the Bishops' Pastoral Letters, had been done by Irish laity .

Polls show Pro-homosexual Vote Ahead with Lead Diminishing

The EWTN TV Catholic host Raymond Arroyo last week spoke of a poll showing the pro-homosexual Irish vote at 80 per cent. Other recent polls show the pro- homosexual lead diminishing. One recent poll showed the vote "too close to call."

Will Pope Publicly Oppose " Gay marriage " prior to the Vote?

Thanks to advice requested of and provided by a Vatican insider, pro- family persons in the U.S. can be urged now, immediately to call the
Vatican switchboard number: 011-39-06-6982.

Ask to be connected to Monsignor Wells. Leave a message urging him to contact Pope Francis immediately to issue a strong public statement opposing "gay marriage" in Ireland.

Also ask the switchboard operator to connect you to Archbishop Gaenswein to urge the Pope to immediately issue a strong public statement opposing "gay marriage " in Ireland.

You may also ask the switchboard to connect you to Domus Santa Marta,where the Pope lives, and ask to be connected to Father Yoannis Lahzi Gaid and urge him to have the Pope immediately issue a public statement opposing " gay marriage" in Ireland.

Please forward this to others.

Also, keep in mind the Vatican is 6 hours ahead of United States, East Coast time.
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