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Video: World Youth Day 2013: Showcase of Liturgical Abuse

World Youth Day 2013: Showcase of Liturgical Abuse

From J Vennari: I put together an 8-minute collage from the three-hour Papal Mass on World Youth Day, July, 28, 2013.

The purpose of this video is not simply to find fault, but to remind us of the tremendous struggle in which we are now engaged; how much work there is to do for the restoration of the true Faith and Catholic liturgical practice; how far removed from a
Catholic sense are our bishops and Vatican leaders (Pope Francis had nothing but praise for this latest WYD event); and the need to make Reparation for these abuses against the Eucharist and Catholic worship itself.

Rock’n’pop music dominates Pope Francis’ Mass, a pep-rally spirit rules the hour, all dignity and sense of the sacred is destroyed, Communion is given by lay-people from plastic cups, the youngsters plunge into the sea immediately after the papal Mass. Oremus!

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