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May 13 Fatima Consecration - Policarpo Consecrates Alone

From a friend in Europe –about Pope Francis asking that Cardinal Policarpo of Lisbon consecrate his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima. It was unclear if all the bishops of Portugal would perform this consecration with him, and in the end, from what we know so far, Policarpo (a rabid modernist who reportedly does not even believe in Fatima) recited the prayer alone.. I’ll post more when I get additional information. - JV

May 13: Cardinal Policarpo was the only one to read the Consecration (at least aloud) and seemed to follow the written text exactly. The Consecration took place after Mass, Blessing of the Sick and Benediction.

It lasted approximately from 1:26-1:33... 6 minutes or so.

It included a reference to the "bishop dressed in white" I believe meaning John Paul and called for union with the Pope and the former Pope.

I'm waiting to see a text made available online.

And here are comments from “friends” in Facebook. They all talk about the Mass, but not about the Consecration of the Papacy to OL Fatima. - jv

'Holy Mass' from the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima:
- Airing live presently on EWTN
- In honor of Our Lady of Fatima's feast today
- Commemorating Her first apparition/visit to Fatima 5/13/1917
- " Portugal the dogma of the faith will be preserved..."
- Today's Mass is a new Mass, novus ordo missae
- Pater Noster marked by all holding/raising hands in unison
- Communion in the hand
- A hideous, new-age Monstrance for Eucharistic Adoration
- *It seems that the dogma of the faith will first need to be RE-ESTABLISHED in Portugal prior to its prophesied and unique survival. Because there was little evidence of true Catholic dogma at Fatima's most important event this morning...

It was really lacking due reverence. So sad, so sad.

Very sad. The clapping a few times during Mass was very disrespectful and totally uncalled for. It's bad enough when some Novus Ordites applause after Communion for the "religious entertainment".

, I wondered why they were clapping, it was quite bad.

it was really bad. I actually walked away from the TV a few times because of the clapping. I prayed and said "Jesus, what are they doing to You?"

I had very similar thoughts. And the commentator was just outrageous.

Will update as more information become available...

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