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Videos: Vatican Security Harasses Father Gruner

Three times in two days: Oct. 12-13, 2013
Head of Vatican Security tells Father Gruner: "Don't go near the Pope!"

1st Video:
Father Gruner's "Consecrate Russia" Campaign in Rome / Harassment!

First Harrasment from Vatican Security - Oct. 12, 2013

2nd Video
Father Gruner Harassed by Vatican Security three times in two days

Summary of first incident; details of second and third incident - Oct. 12 & 13, 2013

In the second interview, we point out that the pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden received Communion at Pope Francis' Inaugural Mass. Yet Father Gruner must be prevented from getting near the Pope. Diabolic disorientation indeed.

3rd Video
Discussion on Pope Francis' "Entrustment"

- there was no mention of "Consecration", the "World" or the "Immaculate Heart"

Head of Vatican Security takes photograph of Pope Francis posing with Buddhist monks
(they never tell the Buddhists "Don't go near the Pope!")

hat tip to Marianna Bartold for "Buddhist" video

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