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PHOTOS: Catholic Identity Conference 2014

Photos: Catholic Identity Conference, 2014

A magnificent weekend: photos below.
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Evangelization Alive and Well at Catholic Identity Conference, 2014
Report from the Event

Theme: “The Old Evangelization: Restoring Liturgy, Mission and Catholic Tradition”

"I think this conference was the best CIC event yet. The overall theme of the 'Old' vs. 'New' Evangelization created a strong thematic link throughout the speakers' presentations. Another consistent theme was the recognition of the menace coming from today's most radical elements in Rome." - J. Vennari

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Friday night: Dr. John Rao on certain "Problems with the Old Evangelization" (Dr. Rao gave the final presentation on Sunday as well)

Saturday morning presentation by Michael Matt

z-sm-jv-cr-op z-sm-verrecchio
John Vennari spoke on the Modernist "New Evangelization" and modern Synods.
Louie Verrechio dealt with the Social Kingship of Christ and
Quas Primas

Christopher Ferrara spoke on Vatican II as an "ideology".
James Vogel presented a brief history of the Society of St. Pius X as a cause of hope for the future.

Father Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP gives the Saturday evening address.
Kenneth J. Wolfe from
Rorate Caeli spoke on "Using a New Computer for the Old Evangelization"

At a barbecue afterwards hosted by conference organizers for speakers and friends. From left to right: Ken Wolfe, Father Pendergraft, Eric Frankovitch, John Vennari, James Vogel, Chris Ferrara, Michael Matt

At the barbecue:

(photos by J. Vennari)

Full conference report will soon follow.

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