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Pope Francis Contra Traditional Mass?

Pope Francis Contra Traditional Mass?

No one familiar with Cardinal Bergoglio's (Pope Francis') background should find this suprising. Over the last day or so, two pieces of news surfaced that indicate Pope Francis bears no real love for the Traditional Latin Mass or for a return to pre-Vatican II structures. Below are excerpts that are linked to the complete articles - jv

Choir sings as pilgrims prepare for the World Youth Day closing Mass (Photo: CNS)

A July 11 Decree from the Vatican's Congregation for Religious dictates the following regarding the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate:

"In addition to the above, the Holy Father Francis has directed that every religious of the congregation of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is required to celebrate the liturgy according to the ordinary rite and that, if the occasion should arise, the use of the extraordinary form (Vetus Ordo) must be explicitly authorized by the competent authorities, for every religious and/or community that makes the request.”

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From Pope Francis on at WYD on July 28:

"The Pelagian solution. This basically appears as a form of restorationism. In dealing with the Church’s problems, a purely disciplinary solution is sought, through the restoration of outdated manners and forms which, even on the cultural level, are no longer meaningful. In Latin America it is usually to be found in small groups, in some new religious congregations, in (exaggerated) tendencies to doctrinal or disciplinary 'safety'. Basically it is static, although it is capable of inversion, in a process of regression. It seeks to 'recover' the lost past."

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