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A Visit to Fisher More College


A Visit to the College of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More

"We operate on the motto that the parents' 18 years of sacrifice and commitment raising their children Catholic at home should not be undone in 3 months of college." - Dr. Michael King, President, Fisher More College

By John Vennari - November 8, 2013

Fr\rom November 4-7, I had the privilege to visit Fisher More College in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fisher More is a thoroughly traditional Catholic institution that is faithful to Catholic doctrine “in the same meaning and in the same explanation” as the Church taught throughout the centuries.

I met with College President Dr. Michael King and the other teachers, as well as the students. Fisher More is a relatively new foundation with a magnificent school spirit and firm dedication to purpose.

As noted below, each year the College president and all faculty take the Oath Against Modernism (Pope Saint Pius X, 1910).

The college’s goal is to provide low-cost higher education. They do not accept federal funds. Fisher More is an accredited learning institution that offers a Classical Liberal Arts Curriculum, and Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Theology, Philosophy, Literature, History, Classical Studies and Economics & Finance. Only the Latin Tridentine Mass is offered at the college.

Look for more on Fisher More College in the next issue of
Catholic Family News. The college is a place where you can safely entrust your children, a place that merits our full moral and financial support.

See photos below:


Photos taken during a rainy week at Fisher More - Nov. 4-7, 2013 - jv

From Fisher More literature:
12 Things You Should Know About Fisher More College:

1. We are the only accredited 4-year Catholic college that proclaims fidelity to the Traditional Latin Mass as essential to achieving its mission.

2. We strive to model for one another a genuine Catholic life following the Latin phrase that serves as Our Statement of Principles:
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi (“as we pray, so we believe, so we live”). 

3. Our work calendar is the liturgical calendar of the Church. Every day we attend Mass, pray the Rosary, sing the Angelus, chant the Divine Office, study, and dine together as a community. 

4. We are led and staffed by committed traditional Catholics who have experience in business and higher education, including President Michael King, former Chair of the Business School at Benedictine College.

5. We are located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, one of America’s best large metropolitan areas with easy access to jobs, internships, an international airport, and beautiful weather year round. 

6. We recently moved to our new campus, a beautiful edifice in the Gothic revival style built over 100 years ago by the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur as a boarding school, college, convent and provincial house. 

7. We operate Fisher More Academy (grades 4 thru 12) which offers full-service, live, interactive online programs for students at home, in cooperatives, and in hybrid schools. 

8. Enrollment in both Fisher More College and Fisher More Academy has more than doubled from last year as the College welcomes its largest freshman class and enrollment in the Academy exceeds 400 students.

9. We have outstanding professors in the College and instructors in the Academy, many of whom are published authors and international lecturers who could teach anywhere but have chosen Fisher More because they are deeply committed to our unique mission. 

10. Each year our president and all faculty take the Oath Against Modernism (Pope Saint Pius X, 1910).

11. We are committed to enrolling and graduating students who have not been reduced to debt dependency, so we choose not to participate in the federal student loan program and not to facilitate private borrowing. 

12. We are the home of Fisher More Chronicles, a center for publicizing activities of the College and Academy, and for promoting Catholic culture through new media, radio, publications, lectures, conferences, etc.

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