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World Youth Day: Showcase of Liturgical Abuase

Rootin' tootin' liturgies at World Youth Day

I attended Toronto World Youth Day in 2002 as an Observer. I can attest that liturgical abuse is rife at these WYD events, including papal Masses. What appears in these two photos are an accurate portrayal of what occurs at WYD. More photos will be added as they become available. In the meantime, prayers of reparation are recommended. - JV


An early WYD "Mass" - that actually took place in Milan prior to the youngsters' departure.


At the conclusion of a July 24 WYD "Mass", New York's Timothy Cardinal Dolan grooves to the rock'n'pop worship song, "Here I am to Worship". This is taken from the USCCB's Facebook page.

Below: youtube with soundtrack of "Here I am to Worship"

"Here I am to Worship" represents a relatively new genre called "Praise and Worship" music. It is developed by Protestants, mainly for youth groups and high-energy 'worship' services. It is pop-rock style that appeals to the emotions, and is standard fare at WYD, "Catholic" youth gatherings and Charismatic sessions. I detailed "Praise and Worship" music in past reports about "Catholic" Pentecostals. It is often ecumenically constructed so that it can be used "trans-denominationally".


Frome earlier this month:

42 second video of
Lay "Eucharistic Ministers" at Pope Francis' July 8 Liturgy in Lampedusa, Italy

PS: We are forming an Association of Reparation for Abuses at Papal Masses. click here

So far there is a good bit of interest shown by faithful Catholics. More information on this Association will soon follow - jv

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