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Bishop Fellay: The Synod Opened a Door to Hell!

Bishop Fellay: Church situation catastrophic!
October 31, 2014 District of the USA

New Interview: Catastrophic Situation; Modern Church leaders no longer care about the Kingship of Christ; Beatification of Paul VI "trivializes" the Catholic concept of holiness, more

In Lourdes, under the Standard of Christ the King

La Porte Latine:
The media is talking a lot about the Catholic Church’s Synod. What should we think about it? What should we expect?

Bishop Fellay: There is nothing to expect. There is no need to wait. The direction has been given, and it is clear. We must simply say: it is clear. It is obvious that they wish to trivialize the situation of those who live in adultery, truly in a state of sin. They wish to trivialize it, and that is very, very, very serious. When we play with morality, we are playing with God’s commandments. To have dared, for two weeks, to leave up to opinion questions that leave no room for opinion! It is God’s word. All we have to say is “Amen.” We must, of course, think about how to help these people; we must always think about that. But we certainly do not help them by telling them there is an open door when there is none. The door that is being opened is a door to hell! These prelates who have received the power of the keys, that is, of opening the gates of Heaven, are closing them, and opening the gates of hell. It is unbelievable! It is crazy! Absolutely crazy! And as I said, the direction has been laid out. It is true that this synod was not supposed to make a decision; it was supposed to be a first step, but the first steps have been taken, the direction has been laid out, and it is not hard to guess what the following synod will do. Unless there is a much stronger reaction than the one we see today, and unfortunately, I doubt that there will be. Alas, there will not be!

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