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Rosica at Synod Press Briefing: “There Must be an End of Exclusionary Language”

Rosica: “There Must be an End of Exclusionary Language”

From Synod 15 Press briefing – October 6, 2015

Change language? Solemn nonsense. What’s needed is the return to the precision of scholastic language, as called for by St. Pius X against Modernism, and which is the last thing wanted by the delinquents at the Synod. As the late Msgr. William Smith, Professor of Moral Theology, often said, “All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering.” The verbal engineering is proposed at this perfidious Synod to further enable the modernist 'social engineering' within the Church. LifeSiteNews already noted, "In fact, the primary advocates of changing the language are also the leading proponents for watering down Church teaching." Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride. Lots of Rosaries - j vennari

Quote from Oct. 6 Zenit report:

“There must be an end to exclusionary language and a strong emphasis on embracing reality as it is. We should not be afraid of new and complex situations.'
These were words of Basilian Father Thomas Rosica, the Vatican's English speaking language spokesperson, this afternoon who was speaking at the briefing of the Synod's second day in the Vatican press office, with its director, Father Federico Lombardi, Italian Archbishop Claudio Celli, and Canadian Cardinal Paul-Andre Durocher….

…The importance of changing language used to address certain difficult situations, Fr. Rosica said, was highlighted. "The language must be renewed," he said, noting how this is especially appropriate and linked to the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy which Pope Francis has declared, Dec. 8, 2015 - Nov. 20, 2015.

"The Jubilee of Mercy requires a language of mercy," he stated. Father Rosica underscored how language ought to always be inclusive, rather than exclusive, particularly for homosexuals.

"In particular, when speaking about homosexuals or gay persons," he said, "we recognize them for who they are: They are our sons, our daughters, and brothers, sisters, neighbors and colleagues."

He noted how many expressed how a pastoral approach is needed for couples living together, to welcome and help them move forward toward a fulfilling married life, one which says: "Look, God loves you as and where you are, but God doesn't want you to stay there. He wants you to go further." (Zenit, Oct. 6)

CFN conclusion: Finally, as Voice of the Family further reported

One of the most disturbing aspects of Rosica’s summary was the suggestion that the question of Holy Communion for the “divorced and remarried”
could be solved in different ways in different parts of the world. This would lead to different practices, and thus different doctrines, in different parts of the Church. Such division is, of course, inseparable from schism.


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