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Important: A CFN Appeal for Fisher More College

A CFN Appeal for Fisher More College

Dear Friend,

I write on behalf of Fisher More College. This is my own initiative, no one from the College asked me to do this. I ask you to please consider helping this important institution.

As you see from the
interview with College President Dr. Michael King, Fisher More is dedicated to the ongoing Catholic formation of our children, not like most of today’s “Catholic” colleges that undermine the Catholic Faith and moral life of our sons and daughters.

Fisher More has a good program at present, a promising blueprint for the future, but they need help
now. They face numerous challenges, many of which are financial.

The young adults at Fisher More need your assistance, as do future students who need such an institution where they can grow in the Faith and the intellectual life of Christendom.

It is one thing to complain about the horrific state of Catholic higher education, it is quite another to try to do something about it. Fisher More needs your assistance. I hope you will help.


John Vennari, Editor
Catholic Family News

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Please contact and/or send tax-deductible donations:

Go to donation page:

Go to homepage:

Go to interview with Dr. Michael King:

Write or telephone:

Fisher More College
801 W. Shaw Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Ph#: 817-923-8459

Fisher More Contact email:
Jason Fabaz -

from the December, 2013 Catholic Family News

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